Our farms and our landscapes have become dependent on cheap fossil fuels.

My dream is to assist homeowners in developing productive edible landscapes suited to their individual needs.

The inspiration for zero emissions landscaping services came from experience with conventional yard care services. The sudden intense noise of yard machines caused stress. With my understanding of ecology, I knew that nutrients removed from a system tied up in plant material needed to be replenished. The resource use and fuel emissions to haul biodegradable waste could be reduced. I saw opportunity.

I thought that there must be a better way that is not so noisy, resource intensive or polluting. Forfrom Industries is an undertaking to provide landscape services in a way that showcases the potential of electric bicycle transport.

Using red wiggler worms, rabbits and edible mushrooms, biodegradable waste is developed into nutrient rich soil. In addition Forfrom Industries also builds with scrap materials, creating systems for mushroom production, solar ovens and more.

By building soil and planting tree crops now, we will be setting the stage for our children to have future urban resilience.