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Rabbit raising in a nutshell

Rabbit raising in a nutshell
In addition to rabbits making your life better by being wonderful and somewhat affectionate, rabbits also have huge potential as backyard urban livestock. The EPA estimates that 30 million tons of food waste is buried in landfills in the US every year. Produce waste that is not yet decomposing can be […]

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Permaculture is a movement to design wisely to better meet both human needs and the needs of natural systems. There is no well defined box of what does and does not fit into permaculture. This flexibility has assisted many to have great shifts in solution based thinking and learn brilliant techniques of holistic design. Its […]

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Vermiculture is one of the easiest and most effective ways to build soil.

Worms: Our fertilizing friends.

Why is keeping worms (vermiculture) so great?

Worm compost and worm compost tea are loaded with beneficial microbes that jump start soil health and keep pests under control. Vermicompost provides stable organic nutrients in addition to making nutrients more available for […]

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Sustainable Behavior Change

One hundred years ago, Henry Ford announced a 5 dollar a day “incentive” wage.  He used this doubling of wages to decrease employee turnover, create more consumers, and as a way to instill morals and Americanize immigrant workers.  Henry Ford enforced behavior change by invading privacy and firing workers who were unable to change their […]

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Is Trash Property?

I don’t have any issues with the morality of dumpster diving. If someone was to take metal from a dumpster and sell it to a recycler, that would clearly be stealing to me. I consider reuse to be a greater purpose than waste and recycling. The legal issues are much more confusing to me.

Items left […]

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Wood burning and Salt Lake City Air Quality

Using fire is so instinctual that even the image creates calm in humans. Despite having a million year history with fire, we must learn before we burn. Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment tells us that in the Salt Lake valley wood burning may cause as much particulate matter as all the cars on the […]

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Paper Towels Not Needed

It is important to prevent oils and fat from creating costly plumbing clogs, however paper towels are not the only way of achieving this.

Things needed

Worn out T-shirts or other 100% cotton material with no wearable value
Container or basket

How it is done.

Wash and dry worn out T-shirt at temperature of your comfort of sanitization.
Place material in […]

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Tying together Buddhist and environmentalist thought

A Thought Exercise on Right Action
All actions have reactions. I believe that it is important to maintain the attitude that every decision within my control that results in less impact is of value.

Why seek less negative impact only rather than more positive impact? Although this point could easily get twisted into justification, I think it […]

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The Minimalist Scavenger

The Minimalist Scavenger

The concepts of minimalism and simplicity have significantly improved the quality of my life. At the heart of these philosophies is reclaiming space and a healthy relationship with stuff. Possessions are here to serve us, not for filling a void or using up our time in maintenance. Less stuff allows for time and […]

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Philosophy of Lawn

There is no denying that the lawn is deeply rooted in American culture. Grass is the most expensive and by far the most cultivated crop in the US. A well kept lawn is tied to success, home value, and self respect. Everybody gets their own isolated piece of nature to maintain.

A lawn does […]

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